SY Meets…Bristol Rugby Club

November 6th, 2008

‘Love thy neighbour’ read the Bristol Rugby website ahead of their opening battle of the season against Bath on Sunday 7th September. That particular biblical reference may have been the last thing on the minds of the fifteen that took to the field that day, but rugby is a sport traditionally set on moral high grounds and few players evoke this in the same spirit as those of Bristol Rugby.

Rugby is more than just a sport in the West Country and Bristol, it is a way of life and with that comes a culture, as Club Captain Joe El Abd explained; “We’ve always said we want to be a professional club with an amateur heart, that’s the sort of ethos we like to carry forward.”

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Win Marcel Woods Tickets and CDs

October 29th, 2008

Saturday 1st November 2008 @ Syndicate

This coming Saturday sees the techno/trace legend, Marcel Woods, return to Bristol to headline Syndicate for a night of danced crazed partying! SY caught up with the man himself to ask him a few questions:

Have you played Bristol many times before?
Yup! I’ve played in Bristol before; I really love it there.

What is Bristol’s techno/trace scene like?
Well I only know the Syndicate and that’s pretty awesome there, always a good crowd and atmosphere, so the scene is alive & kicking I guess!

What are you favourite festivals to play?
That most be Sunrise (Poland), Mysterieland (Holland) and Global Gathering (England).
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Word From The Wise: Isambard Kingdom Brunel

October 17th, 2008

Although not Bristolian himself, while you are in the city, you will hear a hell of a lot about Mr. Brunel, the renowned and revolutionary engineer, workaholic and semi-officially the 2nd Greatest Briton! Ever! We popped along to his statue in Temple Quay to pose him a few questions about his favourite city:
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Word From The Wise: The Editor

October 10th, 2008

Editor of the divine Suit Yourself Magazine, Matt Whittle BA is a graduate of UWE (You What!!) himself. He escaped from the sleepy hillsides of Devonshire nearly 5 years ago to study…ahem…geography and fell in love with Brizzle! When not checking spelling mistakes, Matt can be found cycling up hills that are far too steep and waving his arms around at gigs that are far too loud.
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Word From The Wise: Adam Hart-Davis

October 9th, 2008

Bristol’s favourite TV historian (well, joint favourite with Baldrick) Doctor Adam Hart-Davis is a great lover of Bristol, its theatre and its cycling facilities. Renowned throughout BS1 to BS19 as the presenter of What The Romans Did For Us and Tomorrow’s World, we caught up the blue-blooded, white haired eccentric to ask these three taxing questions on your behalf:

What are three things you love about Bristol?
I love the fact that Bristol is a real city with all the facilities you could want, that it’s small enough to go everywhere by bike and that Bristol is full of fabulous history.
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Word From The Wise: Roxy’s Wardrobe

October 2nd, 2008

One of the most exciting new bands coming out of Bristol at the moment, SY catches up with Roxy’s Wardrobe to ask them a few question’s about Bristol!

What are 3 things you love about Bristol?
The nightlife definitely; you can go out on the same night every week and yet have a different type of music each time. The live music scene is so diverse in this city that everyone’s taste is so easily catered for no matter how random. We love Pizza Palace next to the Hippodrome on a Friday night after Ramshackle or Reflex; gotta be done!
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Word From The Wise: Justin Lee Collins

September 28th, 2008

SY catches up with Bristol’s favourite, liveliest and hairiest son, Justin Lee Collins – host of The Saturday Night Project on da telly – to talk everything Brizzle!

What are three things you love about Bristol?
Well there’s an awful lot to love! I’ll give you a whole list of things and you can pick out three:
First Bristol is a beautiful city; I love the architecture, we’re surrounded by stunning countryside and we’re close to the coast.
It’s an incredibly friendly city, it’s officially the happiest city in Britain and it’s very laid back. It’s very, very easy to make friends here.
It’s a very individual and independent city, we’re not trying to be anything else; Manchester has referred to itself as the London of the North but we don’t call ourselves the London of the South West.
It’s easy to get around; you don’t need a car cos you can walk everywhere, or cycle, or skate. Everything’s on your doorstep, everything you could possibly want: bars, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops – oh, and it’s more cosmopolitan than a lot of people realise!
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SY Meets…Kid Carpet

August 5th, 2008

Bristol’s very own experimental DJ, Kid Carpet, is touring like crazy at the moment; he seems to be doing shows left, right and centre to promote his new album, Casio Royale. But this isn’t unusual. Kid Carpet never seems to leave the gig circuit and it’s clear he works really, really hard to get where he wants to be musically.

So, what are his goals? And how does he balance such a phenomenally busy music career with his pay-the-rent-and-eat job? I accosted him at the end of one of many local gigs to find out:
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SY Meets…Xavier Rudd

July 31st, 2008

Wednesday 30th July 2008 @ Academy

With Support From: Bobby Anderson

It’s mid-afternoon on a fairly muggy day and I have been let into the dressing room at the Bristol Academy for an interview with Aussie singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd. I’m greeted by a much tanned, smiley chap sporting a big woolly beanie and chomping on an apple. He sits bare footed and cross legged on a sofa situated next to my chair.

We start to chat about the new album Dark Shades Of Blue (released 18th August) and what made this record different from the others. He explains how the new album was recorded in Australia, something he had not done for his previous three albums. “I was home,” he beams, “sleeping under the stars with my dog by a fire, looking up at the Southern Cross that I missed so much. I grew up looking at the Southern Cross and those stars.” He recalls the days of the recordings fondly; “I was at the beach in the mornings then recording in the afternoon y’know, I was happy and I hope that comes across in the album.”

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SY Meets…Jeremy Warmsley

July 15th, 2008

Transgressive Hot Summer Tour 2008
With Support From: Esser, So So Modern
Monday 14th July 2008 @ Thekla

It’s a grey, windy, July afternoon and I’m out on top-deck of the Old Profanity with Jeremy Warmsley; the showpiece name on the Transgressive Hot Summer Tour 2008 and co-host of ‘Welcome To Our TV Show’, a monthly podcast where bands are invited round to play sessions in Casa de Warmsley. Trying to make myself heard over car alarms and seagulls, conversation moves to the last time Jeremy played Bristol at Dot to Dot Festival:
That was so much fun! We played to a room that was totally packed which was really exciting. There was a really nice vibe; people were really interested and listening. We were on after Slow Club and the day before was Johnny Flynn and Noah and The Whale; it was kind of all the new-folk crowd.
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