Bristol Design Festival – Grafikea Competition

March 9th, 2009

!Calling All Designers!

Fancy your chances as the next Damien Hirst? Or think that modern design is pants and you could do a much better job? Well now’s your chance to get creative and design a table as the Bristol Design Festival’s Grafikea Competition returns for a third year. The question is: how will you design yours?

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Gig Review - Kid Carpet

March 8th, 2009

Saturday 7th March 2009 @ The Cooler, Bristol

Well, last night was my first experience of that odd Bristol phenomenon, Kid Carpet, and it seems he as quite a following! I spoke to at least three die-hard Carpet fans who follow him to all his gigs and who were very keen that I listen to the lyrics and enjoy the gig – and really, those fans summed up the whole atmosphere of the night. The gig was staged at intimate venue, The Cooler, and Kid Carpet was the last act of three and although his set was disappointingly short, he only played for about half an hour, it was bloody good fun while it lasted!
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Club Review - Socialism

March 7th, 2009

Every Saturday @ Thekla, Bristol

Thekla has long been established as at the forefront of the Bristol music scene. It is a regular venue for live bands as well as guest hosting some of Bristol’s most popular club nights such as Monkey! Knife! Fight! and Blowpop; however, we must not forget the regular club nights hosted here. Perfect for the student or the skint who is looking for good music on a budget, Thekla offers a great atmosphere and a regular crowd who want nothing more than a bloody good time!
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Gig Review - Phantom Limb

February 28th, 2009

Friday 27th February 2009 @ Fiddlers, Bristol
With Support From: Luke Ritchie, Don Sinnott

I walk into Fiddlers tonight to the sound of one man and his guitar; Luke Ritchie. I’m reminded of a very special opportunity I once had to see Pete Murray play an acoustic set, and this is how I will remember Luke tonight, as the rare opportunity I got to see him in all his humble and pure glory. The set is complete, the crowd ask for more, he gives us more – he is a performer, in the truest sense tonight and it adds something special to the atmosphere.
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Gig Review - Rosie & The Goldbug

February 27th, 2009

Thursday 26th February 2009 @ The Lanes, Bristol
Playing alongside: The Sea, Turbowolf, The She Creatures

Whether or not you like Turbowolf and The Sea kinda depends on whether you consider derivative to be a dirty word. If yes, then listening to either group will be about as appealing as having a cue-tip rammed up your urethra. If however, for you, like the mottle-faced longhairs head-banging at the front of the stage, rocking-out simply for rocking-outs sake is a form of transcendentalism, then Turbowolf at least will have you crossing wires with God (the God of rock, that is. Grrr!).
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Bristol Graffiti in 2008

February 19th, 2009

A fantastic video documenting graffiti art in Bristol in 2008 by the fab people at Threenine.

Theatre Review - On The Edge

February 18th, 2009

Showing between Tuesday 10th and Thursday 19th February 2009 @ Alma Tavern, Bristol

“Talk to her!”
“Talk to him!”
The importance of communication, of being open, of listening to others and self awareness – realising that the choices we make in life have repercussions later on,  all of these things could perhaps help improve our overall mental health, if only by a little bit.

On The Edge consists of four, 15 minute plays and is the most recent production by Bristol’s Stepping Out Theatre (in collaboration with Theatre West) – the country’s leading mental health theatre group generated by a fusion of both theatre arts professionals and people who have experience with mental health issues. All the above points were very cleverly and humorously conveyed with a wonderfully bright energy providing a refreshing take on what is so often a controversial, misunderstood subject matter and challenges the stereotypes associated in a witty, comical and lively way - with brilliant acting to boot.
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CD Review - Babel: Crooked Timber

February 16th, 2009

Released: 02/09

According to the Old Testament, the Tower of Babel was created by a united world population in order to reach the heavens: an idea God wasn’t too fond of, casting many languages and much disorder amongst the people. Thankfully, there’s no such confusion amongst fans of Bristol folk-rock pioneers Babel, who release their long-awaited debut album proper Crooked Timber this month.
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Gig Review - Medallist

February 15th, 2009

Friday 13th February 2009 @ Louisiana, Bristol
With Support From: The Tripwires, On/Off Switch

Tonight’s gig sees three of Bristol’s best loved electro-rock bands thrashing it out in the Louisiana to a pretty big but polite crowd. First up we have The Tripwires who are an attractive bunch of youngsters that sound a lot like Editors if they took drugs and went clubbing. They have some catchy songs and cool riffs but the singer’s voice occasionally leaned out of tune towards the end of the set.
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Theatre Review - Romeo and Juliet

February 13th, 2009

Showing between Thursday 12th and Saturday 21st February 2009 @ Bristol Old Vic

The Bristol Old Vic is a wonderfully atmospheric venue that deserves to be showcasing the best of British theatre. It needs high-calibre innovative plays to secure its future success. Unfortunately, the latest production of Romeo and Juliet, for all its energy, falls short.

With a work as popular and frequently performed as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a director must make their production stand-out. This is achieved by either relying on the actors to extract contemporary resonance from the text or they must innovate and create their own vision. John Hartoch, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Schools’ director since 1981, appears to have opted for the former and therein lies the problem.
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