Gig Review - Electric Six

March 12th, 2009

Wednesday 11th March 2009 @ Academy, Bristol
With Support From: Riot Noise, Tragedy

Tonight’s gig action at the Academy will belong to the lure of the rock! The first band on are local rock heroes Riot Noise. They get off to a rip roaring start enticing punters to the front of the stage very quickly. They are an out and out classic rock group with loud guitars and crashing cymbals galore – it’s great to see a Bristol rock act on the main stage in the Academy!
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Theatre Review - Don John

March 11th, 2009

Showing between Tuesday 10th and Saturday 14th March 2009 @ Hippodrome, Bristol

Whether you’d regard yourself as a fan of theatre or not, if you’ve never witnessed the utter brilliance of Kneehigh live then you’ve missed out. They are a Cornwall based theatre company that break down all the boundaries of conventional performance and think so far outside the box it is but a forgotten speck on the horizon; whilst all the time remaining completely accessible and utterly engaging.
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March Horoscopes by Mystic Ginger

March 11th, 2009

Female Pisceans, you are definitely pregnant this month, so congratulations. Male Pisceans, you will have an alien chew its way out of your stomach, which will still be much nicer than childbirth.

With Jupiter ruling your chart this month, you will be lucky to survive at all. Mystic’s advice: do everything Jupiter says, and keep your head down. Good luck.

Well, aren’t you popular this month! Especially with genital lice, they can’t get enough of you. You could be in for a wild ride – those little guys know how to party.
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SY On The Sly – Marching On

March 9th, 2009


Greetings! This March in Bristol see’s the second ever edition of SY On The Sly, the sister publication of Suit Yourself Magazine – Bristol’s number one independent, quarterly magazine which investigates, uncovers and promotes everything that makes Bristol such a fun, vibrant and altogether amazing place to live.

SY On The Sly is a condensed, monthly, online magazine chock-a-block with previews and reviews of all the amazing events constantly going on in Bristol. There’s no better place to catch up on everything you missed of Bristol’s best gigs, art, clubs, stage and cinema from a month gone by and at the same time get excited about everything that’s coming up, along with a smattering of Suit Yourself Magazine’s much loved articles and long time favourites like Auntie Harper and Mystic Ginger’s horoscopes.

Get involved and tell us what you thought of the first issue of SY On The Sly, and now what you think of this fabulous second! Read away and don’t forget to check out our listings service and our constantly updated blog

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Bristol Design Festival – Grafikea Competition

March 9th, 2009

!Calling All Designers!

Fancy your chances as the next Damien Hirst? Or think that modern design is pants and you could do a much better job? Well now’s your chance to get creative and design a table as the Bristol Design Festival’s Grafikea Competition returns for a third year. The question is: how will you design yours?

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Gig Review - Kid Carpet

March 8th, 2009

Saturday 7th March 2009 @ The Cooler, Bristol

Well, last night was my first experience of that odd Bristol phenomenon, Kid Carpet, and it seems he as quite a following! I spoke to at least three die-hard Carpet fans who follow him to all his gigs and who were very keen that I listen to the lyrics and enjoy the gig – and really, those fans summed up the whole atmosphere of the night. The gig was staged at intimate venue, The Cooler, and Kid Carpet was the last act of three and although his set was disappointingly short, he only played for about half an hour, it was bloody good fun while it lasted!
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For a Warm Green Glow: TraxEyes

March 7th, 2009

City Councils like Bristol spend around 40% of their budget on electricity and a significant proportion of that goes on street and path lighting. Bills can run to millions as it costs from £36 to £90 a year to run just one street light! To save money, several UK councils are already turning off what they deem as non-essential street and pedestrian lighting but there could now be an answer!

A new solution could be TraxEyes – a zero pollution, zero maintenance and a zero running cost technology that Bristol City Council is already test running in St Werburghs. TraxEyes are glow in the dark marker studs can ensure a safe route along pathways, cyclepaths, canal towpaths, jetties, bridleways, campsites and through parks in conditions that would otherwise be low or no light. The studs glow because of photoluminescence - they absorb light energy in daylight and then emit light at night and so no electricity, wires or batteries are required. Amazingly they emit good light for twelve hours of darkness after a mere eight minutes of exposure to daylight.
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Club Review - Socialism

March 7th, 2009

Every Saturday @ Thekla, Bristol

Thekla has long been established as at the forefront of the Bristol music scene. It is a regular venue for live bands as well as guest hosting some of Bristol’s most popular club nights such as Monkey! Knife! Fight! and Blowpop; however, we must not forget the regular club nights hosted here. Perfect for the student or the skint who is looking for good music on a budget, Thekla offers a great atmosphere and a regular crowd who want nothing more than a bloody good time!
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Gig Review - You Me At Six

March 7th, 2009

Friday 6th March 2009 @ Academy, Bristol
With Support From: Emarosa, The Spill Canvas

Well, what a night! 3 outstanding bands who truly blew the place to pieces! They drew in a young crowd who were full of energy making it a very exciting evening.

First up, six piece Emarosa from Kentucky, USA started with a bang. The boys were right on it tonight as their beatdowns pounded through the speakers, sending everyone insane on the dance floor. They got the whole room moving, arms and fists flying everywhere. The audience was warmed up nicely for the next act The Spill Canvas.
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Tobacco Factory Film

March 5th, 2009

The Tobacco Factory is one of the few survivals from the great Imperial Tobacco site on Raleigh Road, Ashton, Bristol. It was saved from demolition by Bristol architect George Ferguson who has turned it into a model of urban regeneration. It is now a multi-use building housing a cafe/bar, an oriental bistro, creative industry work spaces, work loft apartments, animation and performing arts schools, a dance studio and one of the most exciting small theatre venues in the country.

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