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SUIT YOURSELF MAGAZINE A true voice for Bristol™. Bristol’s very Best Independent Review Magazine. Bristol is an amazing city with a rich music, arts and creative scene. Suit Yourself Magazine effortlessly challenges, informs and enlightens the people of Bristol, it is a credible, honest and respected voice in this city.

There are many reasons why Suit Yourself is the best magazine to reach your audience.

• Our Magazine reaches a significant audience of young, intelligent people notoriously difficult to reach through other advertising mediums. The magazine effortlessly reaches those people with a high disposable income during their student/informative years. The student guide is perceived as ‘The unofficial guide to Bristol’ and has twice been voted the best independent publication in the city.

• We use over 750 different outlets to distribute the publication along with an access to both Bristol University and UWE. No other publication has established such a diverse distribution network.

• We have a multi media approach to advertising. Aside from the full colour printed magazine, there is a website (featuring a virtual magazine) and the regular video podcast magazine, maximizing the effectiveness of any integrated campaign.

• Whilst 90% of other local media is owned and managed by the very same publishing house, we are fiercely independent and represent the rapidly growing independent voice within the city.

Suit Yourself Magazine is divided into sections, clearly defined and ordered so that the publication is easy to navigate, read and comprehend. Suit Yourself Magazine constantly evolves to meet the needs of its audience and is both organic and proactive in its approach.

If you want to hear any more reasons why this magazine is an effective way to help develop and grow your business simply pick up the phone and call us on…

0117 370 2722


The magazine features six dynamic sections to boost your adverts relevance and visibility

Enjoy Yourself – Music/ Arts/ Entertainment/ Nightlife
Involve Yourself – Green issues/ Responsibility/ Local Concerns
Treat Yourself – Health/ Fitness/Beauty/ Fashion
Hurt Yourself – Adventure Sports/ Street Fashion/ General Sports
Spoil Yourself – Luxurious Top End Products/ Bars/ Restaurants
Prepare Yourself – Listings Music/ Arts/ Events

Advertising Options

Further discounts are available for advertising in bigger blocks than 3 issues.


Line Ad*



Full Page

Cover Banner

Back Page

Single Ad







6 edition deal







*Line Ads include 25 words including your URL (3 words) and your telephone number (2 words).

Promotions Discount

If your establishment or business runs a promotional night or offers vouchers which benefit our readers we will knock £15 to £20 off the fee for that issue.

Sponsorship Options

We are also inviting people to sponsor the title page of the six headed sections (Enjoy Yourself, Treat Yourself etc)

We will introduce you as the sponsor of the page and provide you with a 2cm banner, in which you can place your contact details and a brief outline of your business along with your logo.

It is possible to sponsor an entire section of the magazine details available on request.

Bristol Listings

It is totally FREE to advertise your event on Bristol Listings.

Bristol Listings is the most effective ‘one stop shop’ for all listings about The Arts, Music, Cinema Theatre, Comedy and Clubs.

Bristol Listings is not just available to view online but can be downloaded to your phone by using a mobile site meaning that people are never more than one click away from seeing your advertising even when out and about on the streets.

Video Podcast

Suit Yourself Magazine podcast is an effective means to reach an audience far wider than any printed media. Our mailing list currently stands at 40,000 people per month

The benefit of advertising through this medium means you can reach a massive audience only normally possible through traditional forms of advertising like television advertising. The message of your organisation will be presented in a intelligent, interesting and informative manner, a style completely appropriate to the message and concept of the magazine.

The most cost effective means of advertising through this medium is by combination advertising with the magazine/podcast and Bristol Listings.

Prices for advertising on the video podcast and Bristol Listings are available on request.

Contact Faye Westrop

0117 370 2722
Faye Westrop
Suit Yourself Magazine

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