SY On The Sly – Marching On


Greetings! This March in Bristol see’s the second ever edition of SY On The Sly, the sister publication of Suit Yourself Magazine – Bristol’s number one independent, quarterly magazine which investigates, uncovers and promotes everything that makes Bristol such a fun, vibrant and altogether amazing place to live.

SY On The Sly is a condensed, monthly, online magazine chock-a-block with previews and reviews of all the amazing events constantly going on in Bristol. There’s no better place to catch up on everything you missed of Bristol’s best gigs, art, clubs, stage and cinema from a month gone by and at the same time get excited about everything that’s coming up, along with a smattering of Suit Yourself Magazine’s much loved articles and long time favourites like Auntie Harper and Mystic Ginger’s horoscopes.

Get involved and tell us what you thought of the first issue of SY On The Sly, and now what you think of this fabulous second! Read away and don’t forget to check out our listings service and our constantly updated blog

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