Gig Review - Kid Carpet

Saturday 7th March 2009 @ The Cooler, Bristol

Well, last night was my first experience of that odd Bristol phenomenon, Kid Carpet, and it seems he as quite a following! I spoke to at least three die-hard Carpet fans who follow him to all his gigs and who were very keen that I listen to the lyrics and enjoy the gig – and really, those fans summed up the whole atmosphere of the night. The gig was staged at intimate venue, The Cooler, and Kid Carpet was the last act of three and although his set was disappointingly short, he only played for about half an hour, it was bloody good fun while it lasted!

The whole atmosphere was friendly, cosy and fun and Kid Carpet himself was energetic and entertaining, chatting to the crowd between tracks and leaping around like a nutter during the performance, inspiring much mad dancing from the crowd, led once again by Brizzle legend Big Jeff. The tracks themselves were lively, upbeat positive numbers, pretty tongue-in-cheek and a few with some light hearted social commentary - stuff about the credit crunch and anti-capitalism; ‘lets not worry about buying stuff we don’t need’ etc. Basically the message was that we shouldn’t worry, it’ll all turn out OK in the end and in the meantime, let’s have a bloody good dance and a few beers, which I duly did, and it was a bloody good laugh.

Kid Carpet is no musical genius, but he doesn’t pretend to be. He mixes up old classics, from funk to happy hardcore, he spits some pretty good, straight to the point lyrics and is so full of beans that you can’t help but like the fella!

Natalie Burns

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