In Pictures: Reclaim The Night

Friday 20th February 2009 @ College Green to the Trinity Centre, Bristol

Reclaim the Night is a march and a vigil to protest against violence against women on the streets. The march comes at a particularly pertinent time, following the recent spate of sexual assaults and rapes in the Clifton area. During the period of the attacks, women were urged to avoid being alone at night, to stay at home and keep in well lit areas. This typical media reaction to sexual violence teaches women that their freedoms should be curtailed due to male violence.

Rape and violence damages the lives of all women. It teaches women to live in an atmosphere of fear, where blame for rape is laid at the feet of women, rather than treated as the vile and devastating crime that it is.

Reclaim the Night is calling for:
- Secure long-term funding for the Bristol Rape Crisis Centre
- Teach the SRE sexual violence and consent modules* in our schools
- Support initiatives to increase the 4.2% conviction rate of rapists

Photos: Lee Rey-Lent

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2 Responses to “In Pictures: Reclaim The Night”

  1. Lee Rey - ient Says:

    The pictures look fab on here! So glad, and great words too!

  2. Faye Says:

    Thanks Lee, you are a star for letting us use them!! xxx

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