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Winter is great; warm fires in country pubs, home-cooked meals that fill you up to your eyeballs, warm cuddles with loved ones, and of course, the hope of snow! But for every ‘good’ Mother Nature grants us, there has to be an opposing ‘bad’, and in winter, that’s colds and flu; skin and scalp problems; and probably some of your own personal ones that frankly, we don’t want to go into here.

So here’s my natural guide to overcoming the worst of winter’s ails…

The Common Cold:
Echinacea will boost your immunity. Take Echinacea either in a glass of water, in tea, or buy ready-made Echinacea tea bags from any good health store. DO NOT buy Echinacea tincture – it has ethanol in it which not only makes it smell and taste disgusting but is not actually beneficial to your body in any way. I recommend Echinacea and Golden Seal liquid extract from Holland & Barrett, although it comes in tablet form, I actually like the way a few drops make an old-fashioned cup of tea taste.

or try…
Hot black tea with lemon juice. Make a regular cup of tea, add sugar if you wish but no milk, squeeze the juice of half a fresh lemon in and drink.  It is an acquired taste, I quite enjoy it, but more than this it will see off your cold in no time and make you feel instantly refreshed. But don’t use this remedy over a prolonged period of time; the sugar and the lemon will not be kind to your teeth.

Dry Skin:
Drink plenty of water; moisturise any areas open to the elements; use sunscreen – the sun does not pack up his nasty little beasty rays and send them into hibernation, the sun is still harmful at winter time!

or try…
Massaging good quality almond, grape-seed or olive oil onto affected areas before bed and washing your face with lukewarm water only – hot water forces the skin to contract and retract too quickly which will dry it out.

Eat lots of nuts and chillax! Nuts boost selenium in your brain which will make you happy. Also, over doing it or increased stress levels will lower your immunity, making you person of ill!  And your friends won’t want to party with you, snot bag.

Becky Midgley

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