Gig Review - Burning Skies

Friday 30th January 2009 @ The Croft
With Support From: Bury The Archive, Flayed Disciple, Seregon, Shadow Law

I don’t know where to start with tonight! A local gig filled with mates and metal turning it into an outstanding event. Opening the show were 5-piece Bristol band Bury The Archive who always make the crowd move. Vocalist Danny Taylor demands everybody to take 2 steps forwards and runs around the room involving all spectators. Playing local gigs is one thing, but these boys travel all over the south west of England, building a big reputation for themselves and are hoping to sign to a label sometime in the near future. They never fail to make a stand on stage!

Following on were Flayed Disciple, a tight 4-piece originating from Taunton. One very interesting thing I noticed whilst enjoying their set was the fact they have no bass guitar! Much to my surprise it didn’t affect outcome of the band and actually gave it a nice varied sound compared to most bands. The fast rhythm and amazing crowd interaction got everyone psyched up and raring to go for next act Seregon.

Another local, Bristol band made up of 4 head banging metal-heads who love swinging hair! They kept the pace of the night as everyone was leant over the speakers at the front shaking head, hands and fists to the distinct beats pounding out. Their riffs were catchy and very easy on the ears which made it nice to enjoy.

Second from top were Shadow Law who don’t look like your stereotypical metal band but these 5 boys can really put on a show! Laughter was flying round the room as family members and friends were amongst the crowd and so jokes were known to all! By this point of the night there were faster riffs, dirtier beats, more carnage in the pits. Everyone was set for headliners Burning Skies.

After a long time off due to front man Merv not being fit to perform, Burning Skies came back with one hell of a bang! They took the stage and really showed Bristol how to party! Lyrics were screamed by everyone as the microphone was passed around friends in the room taking over the show. Pits got harder and faster as the boys stomped their way through the breakdowns in the songs. Heads were banging right in time as we all knew what beat was coming next. These boys have been greatly missed but it’s amazing to have them back on the front line, right where they belong!

Overall it was an epic night ending with hugs and kisses goodbye until next time we all gather at the Croft for, what feels like, a family reunion!

Chloe Jackson

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