Cinema Preview – Discover Iran: A Night In Tehran

Wednesday 4th February 2009 @ Watershed

Discover an alternative Iran with a collection of short films made by young Iranian filmmakers eager to provide a more multifaceted representation of their vibrant, spirited and multi-dimensional country. Spend A Night in Tehran from 6pm with three films from the heart of the city.

Pizza is more than just a food in Iran. It is a sign of modernity, an object of desire: contemporary cuisine and credo delivered to your door. My City, Pizza explores this curious fascination with pizza and its potential threat against established Iranian mores.

Of Men and Motorcycles and Behind the Wheel of Life tell the stories of two cab drivers – one a single mother, the other a migrant worker from the provinces – and their struggle to provide for their families and challenge preconceptions in a fast-paced, expanding city.

How has the country been shaped since the revolution? How accurate are the portrayals we frequently see in the West? What are the ambitions and values of its young people and how does this compare with the country’s otherwise traditional standards?

These films are presented in conjunction with producer Maziar Bahari and Malu Halasa’s book Transit Tehran, Young Iran and its Inspirations – a collection of essays and picture stories from city insiders. Get your questions about the country answered by Halasa and Of Men and Motorcycles director Shahriar Siami who will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

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