Gig Review - Streetboard Til’ You Die

Saturday 24th January 2009 @ Motion
Featuring Performances From: Start of Nothing, Through The Abyss, Bury The Archive, Evita, Frenetica

So, the metal scene in Bristol is huge and the streetboarding scene is rapidly growing. Bex Flanagan had the fabulous idea of bringing the two groups together by organising an event which complimented everybody. After weeks of hard work and talks with many people, the night finally arrived and it was the moment of truth! On the wet, windy Saturday the streetboarders rode all day until dusk and later on in the evening, people rushed into Motion Skate Park to see 5 amazing Bristol bands play their favourite music, metal!

First up were Start Of Nothing who set the ball rolling at an insane pace which just got faster throughout the entire night. There was no messing about, as soon as they played their first song, pits started; fists and feet flying everywhere. They warmed us up a treat ready for the immense night ahead.

Next up were Through The Abyss who definitely kept up to speed. Pits got faster and harder as more and more of the crowd danced to the breakdowns being thrown out left right and centre during this set. There was a special guest appearance from Luke, who’s birthday it was, singing along side front man David Cook during the song Sailor’s Grave.

Bury The Archive got the room bouncing as they brought everyone up to a whole new level. After a few complications just before their set, they still managed to kick ass and stun us all with their enthusiasm they put into their music. Everyone in the venue was moving in some way, shape or form and it didn’t stop there.

After finishing their tour a few days ago, Evita made their stand on the night and left their mark for sure. Nearly everybody was yelling lyrics along with vocalist Aaron Beider as he jumped in and out of the pits. Hands clapping and heads banging as Aaron screamed his lungs out showing that Evita certainly weren’t tired after their tour!

Headlining tonight were Frenetica who certainly ended the long night with a bang! Their set consisted of fancy dress and comical dancing as they bashed out some awesome beats and riffs which the last people standing could enjoy whilst sipping away at their last pint of the night. Laughter rippled the room as they watched the band live up to their lively reputation and enjoy what they love doing most; having fun playing music they love!

Overall, it was an epic night! Filled with friends from all over, different people, different styles, different ways of life, all coming together and gelling as one. We certainly brought the two styles of life together and everybody made new friends. It was a night to remember, and maybe become a more regular thing in the future.

Chloe Jackson

Photos: Laurie Edwards and Ben Overn

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3 Responses to “Gig Review - Streetboard Til’ You Die”

  1. Bex Flanagan Says:

    Nice one mate!

  2. Mr Doom Says:

    Awssome night and a well matched review. Frenetica are Live again on Friday the 13th In Portishead’s ‘Somerset Hall’ Stadium for anyone that wants more.

    Tickets £5, more details on facebook (

    and Myspace

  3. Dan Taylor Says:

    an amazing night , thank you to everyone that came x

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