Gig Review - Escape The Fate

Friday 23rd January 2009 @ Anson Rooms
With Support From: All Forgotten, Glamour Of The Kill

Tonight the Anson Rooms was packed with a young crowd all herding in to see some good talent. Three amazing bands blew everyone off their feet as they made the whole room move throughout the night.

Opening were All Forgotten, a young 5-piece band from Surrey. They kicked things off with their awesome breakdowns that got the pits moving straight away! Front man Jonathon Thorne screamed his lungs out as the fans were demanding more and more. They are a very talented band who seemed to fit right in tonight and were enjoyed by everyone!

Following on were Glamour Of The Kill, who kept things running smoothly as they encouraged the audience to start circle pits. The pace of this set was immense as their crowd interaction was awesome and the communication with the fans was good. Their sound was very unique with a mixture of influences from Trivium, A Day To Remember and Coheed and Cambria. They managed to combine all 3 different styles into one! Very well played and nicely done boys!

Headlining tonight were Escape The Fate who stole the show. Craig Mabbitt separated everyone to both side of the room from front to back and made a wall of death. The whole floor of the venue was filled with teens of all ages moshing and jumping - even the parents were bopping away at the back! Lead vocalist Mabbitt said that tonight’s show was the best they’ve played in the UK so far and tried claiming they weren’t from LA any more, they were from Bristol! They were even heading to the alternative club night Ramshackle at Academy after the show which went down very well, leaving the fans begging for more as the band walked off stage. Shouts for an encore were chanted throughout the room and so they played 2 more songs, ending with everyone’s favourite, which was being sung or hummed by nearly everyone walking out of the building back into the cold, wet night.

Chloe Jackson

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