Theatre Review – The Little Red Hen

Showing between Wednesday 21st and Friday 23rd January 2009 @ Tobacco Factory

The brilliant children’s show, The Little Red Hen, returns to the Tobacco Factory Theatre for a second time following a string of sold out performances back in September 2008. The fact that this original show by the Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company has been invited back for a second time in a matter of months is pure testament to the magic, dynamic and un-patronising fun of this fantastic kid’s show.

You can always tell how well a show is being received by young children because fidgeting and moaning will quickly set in if they aren’t engaging with it. This is the second time I’ve watched The Little Red Hen and in both shows the kids watching were immaculate, only breaking their enraptured silence to shout and sing along as prompted to by the actors!

The show itself is a charming mixture of music, puppetry and live action. The story follows our friend, a little, red hen, as she toils to make a delicious loaf of bread – from planting and growing the wheat, cutting the shoots down (a hilarious set-piece that will delight the parents as much as the kids), harvesting, grinding the flour in the mill, kneading and baking until finally eating the loaf! Yum! Along the way we meet some brilliant puppet friends as we explore the inventive and creative set all in the creation of a show you will have to see! Fab.

Matt Whittle

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