Club Review - Weapon of Choice: First Birthday

Tuesday 16th January 2009 @ Mr Wolf’s

On their first birthday, even the edgiest of hipsters were still filling nappies and projectile vomiting as far as the eye could see. Luckily, one-year-old club night Weapon of Choice - Bristol’s monthly fusion of live street art and the hottest local DJs - entirely bypassed such scatological beginnings, claiming its title of one cool motherfucker at birth.

And what a hell of a first year it’s been. Legendary home-grown artists Andy Council, China Mike, Inkie and Mr Jago have all adorned Mr Wolf’s boarded-up back wall, accompanied by Bristol beat-makers like K’Ners, ThinKing and Diss Miss. The birthday line-up was arguably the strongest yet, with Punch Drunk label favourites Gemmy and Forsaken headlining a dub-step special. Bass-pumping sets from Superisk, Sobr and Betamax vibrated through Mr Wolf’s as onlookers were treated to the impressive mic skills of soon-to-be-massive MC Buggsey, as well as C-Strike-Z and Koast. Kai and Obese took mastery of the pens, transforming wall into scarf-clad, fag-toking characters whilst eager punters queued out the door.

Bristolian through and through, Weapon of Choice’s ethos has always been one of collaboration. Two artists work together to ink-up blank boards, setting the night apart from similar ‘battle-style’ draw-offs in London. Like all birthday celebrations should, the night felt like an electric gathering of old friends. WOC kingpin Cheba, who masterminded the night to exhibit the incredible talent in the city, was at the heart of the revelry; “Bristol’s quite a small place and there’s a great sense of community,” smiles Cheba, “I think one of the best things to come from Weapon of Choice is that it has given artists a place to meet-up; many have gone on to work together after crossing paths here.”

As WOC progresses into its triumphant twos, expect more team-building antics at Mr Wolf’s and even bigger bashes to come. To everyone at Weapon of Choice - congratulations and happy bloody birthday!

Every second Tuesday of the month, Mr Wolf’s

Laura Snoad

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