Gig Review - Kerrang! Tour 2009

Friday 16th January 2009 @ Academy
With Performances From: In Case Of Fire, Black Tide, Bring Me The Horizon, Dir En Grey, Mindless Self Indulgence

The weeks of excitement building up to tonight’s show was well worth the wait! 5 great bands making for 1 fantastic evening. Opening tonight was In Case Of Fire who built things up very quickly. Everyone was raring to go as they played their funky riffs and beats and they involved the crowd well and set everyone up for a breathtaking show.

Black Tide were up next; a very young, talented band who know how to play to please their fans! They had a really tight performance which emphasised their talent through their instruments. It’s very hard when you’re so young to create a good musical atmosphere but they grasped it easily and use it to their advantage.

This was my third time seeing Bring Me The Horizon and every time they blow me away! Front man, Oli Sykes really knows how to capture the audience and psych them up for a good show. He screams his lungs out and orders movement within the whole crowd. He made everyone split down the middle and take part in a ‘wall of death’ which was epic. Towards the end, he demanded everyone to crowd surf to the front and make the security do their job! People all around were moving heads and hands to every breakdown in the songs. Much blood was shed and bodies bruised but it was all in the name of fun! This band never cease to impress whatever venue, fans, set they play; they always live up to the hype of their name.

Japanese heroes Dir En Grey amazed the young crowd tonight. From very high pitched singing to heavy low screaming, lyrics were being sung by most of the people in the room. They used a mixture of modern day metal, old school rock and psychedelic synthesisers to create an original approach to the new music scene. They didn’t have much crowd interaction but that didn’t stop fans enjoying it.

The headlining act, Mindless Self Indulgence, owned the night. Their outstanding merge of alternative music including drum n’ bass, techno and rock almost creates a whole new genre in itself. The catchy rhythms really give you no choice but to dance like an idiot and love every minute of it! The whole venue was bouncing, jumping and shouting as front man Jimmy Urine pranced about on stage. Guitarist Steve Montano spent half the set at the front of the stage playing to their fans who just kept wanting more. Half way through their set, someone threw a bra up on stage and Urine decided to put it on for a laugh!

Overall, tonight was epic! Very high levels of energy filled the room as everyone bounced off the walls all night. All the bands were different in their own way and it was a great mixture of genres that somehow managed to fit together very well. Everyone left the Academy with a smile, having a good time.

Chloe Jackson

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