Deck The Halls!

Some will yawn, some will cheer, but love it or lump it, Christmas is here! The season for family, the season for giving, read through these page to see what you’re missing! There are so many articles for you to discover, and Elves are the theme, as on the front cover. We’ve got competitions and games, poems and jokes, and all the damned clichés this season evokes. There are ideas for presents, whether to make or to buy, and the best Christmas markets where something might catch your eye. You can read Auntie Harper as he dashes your hopes, lend an ear to Mystic Ginger and her ho-ho-horoscopes.

So jump right on in, the mag’s like a fat Christmas buffet, with something for everyone amongst the array. Articles that are bitter, articles that are sweet, smothered in Suit Yourself gravy, you can’t wait to eat. Contents is a parsnip, the listings like cranberry jam, this intro is a cracker you pull with your old man. Just don’t forget the stuffing, the roasties and plus, a turkey so large you’d think its mother was rogered by an omnibus. After you’ve finished, you’ll be bursting from all you’ve read, with some articles stuck in your teeth, and some stuck in your head.

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