Art Review - Inkygoodness 2: Hopes and Fears

Saturday 15th till Thursday 27th November 2008 @ Centrespace Gallery

Featuring Work From: James Bourne, Dave Bain, Seb Burnett, Andy Council, Lisa Hassell, Anna Higgie, Couscous Kid, Ainsley Knott, Simon David Mills, Ben Newman, Vicky Newman, Paul Roberts, Mike O’Shea, Michelle Turton Louise Tyers, DocVek

What would you expect to find up a dark alley off Corn Street on a Friday night? A drunken student maybe; perhaps someone emptying out the last 3 pints; or, if you’re lucky, a gallery full of people and cutting edge illustration. Last Friday I went to the opening night of Centrespace’s latest exhibition Hopes and Fears, featuring work by a group of illustrators and image-makers who make up the Inkygoodness collective.

Inkygoodness first came about earlier this year when Lisa Hassell and Michelle Turton put on a small contemporary illustration exhibition in the Room 212 gallery space on Gloucester Road. That event generated a lot of interest and the show tonight, which runs for 2 weeks, is the second exhibition organised by the pair.

Friday was the preview night of Inkygoodness 2: Hopes and Fears and the gallery was full to bursting and it was refreshing to see such a varied bunch of punters; including exhibition curators, retailers, graphic designers, professional illustrators, gallery owners and professional skateboarders. The overall standard of the work was very high, as was the variety of work on offer, and everything tied in to the overarching theme of hopes and fears.

Both the afore mentioned curators showed new and interesting works; Michelle Turton’s love of birds struck a chord with me, as did the intricate hand cut, coloured and drawn illustrations by Lisa Hassell. Andy Council exhibited a painting of a dinosaur created from speaker stacks in a St Paul’s Carnival street scene (I loved the inclusion of DJ Derek - bottom left) and Monsters Monsters showed off a giant paper-mâché spider that hovered over in the corner and which my 3 year old son Charlie, also in attendance, thought was awesome. Illustrator Seb Burnett produced a lovely set of screen prints of various imaginative monsters along with some fantastic, plush, cuddly toys of the creatures which looked they’d been lifted straight out of the prints.

Up on the Centrespace walls there were also some cracking examples of digital art by Matt (Couscous Kid) and I loved the hand-drawn, felt-tip Hopes and Fears pieces by Dave Bain, who also did the beautifully simple hand-cut signage for the exhibition.

One last piece that that really pulled the exhibition together was the two large squares of canvas on the floor which invited people to put down their own hopes and fears on. By the end of the night there was a mini exhibition in that on its own!

It might only be their second show but already these guys have proved that with hard work and a collection of raw talent, you can still have a gallery full of people when the cheap wine has long since gone. I know there is already talk of the collective putting on another show and a possible outing to the Pictoplasma conference in Berlin on the cards but wherever Inkygoodness pop up next, rest assured these guys are the ones to watch.

Simon Mills

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4 Responses to “Art Review - Inkygoodness 2: Hopes and Fears”

  1. Lisa Hassell Says:

    Brilliant show! Thanks to all involved for making it such a success. See u at the next one..!

  2. tina Booth Says:

    Yes, absolutely fab! All the way from the brilliant work of Dave Bain, it was a wonderful, if at times un-nerving, journey through the Hope and Fears of all the artists. Well done!

  3. inkygoodness Says:

    A brilliant exhibition review by SUITYOURSELFMAGAZINE

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