Ujima Radio 98FM - A New Community Radio Station for Bristol

Saturday July 5th 2008 saw the streets of St Pauls yet again awash with people and smiles, colour and vibrancy and plenty of Red Stripe and jerk chicken as the annual St Pauls Carnival celebrated its 40th year in style. That’s forty years of free music, amazing atmosphere, jaw-droppingly flamboyant parades and forty years of celebrating African and Caribbean in Bristol in a swell of positive energy.

This year’s carnival came with added spice though - and not just on the chicken (gawf!) - for the weekend saw the launching of a brand-spanking new community radio station based right in the heart of St Pauls. Ujima Radio was launched by the Lord Mayor of Bristol and now strives to represent, inform, educate, entertain and celebrate culture, heritage and diversity within this wonderful city; giving a voice to minorities who are under-represented in the media, particularly African and Caribbean communities living in St Pauls and Easton.

This exciting new station is a not-for-profit service for the community, owned and run by local people - mostly volunteers. The radio station will be a flagship service as a community media centre allowing locals to use the medium of radio to create new opportunities for regeneration, training, employment, access, learning, social cohesion and inclusion as well as cultural and creative expression and enhancement.

Ujima Radio has an exciting and varied programme with discussions, phone-ins, interviews, chat, drama and poetry as well as playing music from all over the world. It is a community station featuring many local voices including local legend Kizzy Morrell who is hosting the breakfast show.

All sounds too good to be true right? Well find out for yourselves – just tune-in across Bristol by tweaking the wireless to 98FM or the entire station is streamed on the internet. If the station is nearly as much fun at St Pauls Carnival, we’ve got a real winner on our hands.


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