Gilly Woo Design

Everyone wants to exude glamour from time to time; people like wearing beautiful clothes and feeling fabulous and even in a city as seemingly scruffy as Bristol there lies a beautiful and elegant undercurrent simply desperate to burst free. In Suit Yourself’s opinion, there is no better person placed to dress the ever stylish people of this city than the beautiful and gifted Gilly Woo.

Having starting sewing at six, Gilly developed her own passion over the years before she started a career in retail management at the phenomenally well respected Jane Norman but decided to travel and see the world before settling down. During her travels something happened that would change her life irrevocably.

A previous customer was so singularly impressed by Gill’s work that she spent months trying to find her whilst Gill was off travelling meaning that quickly after coming back from her travels, Gill had a brand new job designing corsetry in the top floor of BS8; her illustrious career was on the very brink of greatness. Renowned for her fabulous work, people flocked to her during her time at the shop and Gill built up a huge customer base so when the shop in BS8 closed, there was no other option than to set up on her own. Wedding dresses followed quickly by commission, her first in fact featuring in The Sunday Times supplement before she rapidly built up ‘Gilly Woo Design’ to where it is today.

The love and care Gill pours into each and every garment she makes is obvious; each and every article is custom made and totally bespoke, simply desperate for a loving owner. The pricing is very reasonable considering these are not things you could ever hope to find on the high street!

Sat in her jam-packed bohemian studio, lace and silk piled high in every available corner, the hum of the sewing machine punctuating our conversation and the most important day of someone’s life tucked up under her arm, Gilly talks of a future with design collections, a shop and of course a continuation of the bespoke dresses she has become so well renown for. She has passion, drive and most importantly talent by the glamorous bejewelled bucket load! A little girl spends her life dreaming about her wedding day, the most important, special and memorable day of her life; we can think of no better person to look after and nurture these dreams than the lovely Gilly Woo.

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7 Responses to “Gilly Woo Design”

  1. molly mishi may Says:

    by the way she worked an karen millen- not jane norman,
    but the rest is true enough! especially the bits about her being fabulous, glamerous and lovely.

  2. adam coombs Says:

    Gilly Woo made me the best pair of trousers I’ve ever owned-
    or ever seen! she’s magic. XXX

  3. arabella lewis-smith Says:

    my Gilly Woo dress is my absolutely faveorite, ive got viviene westwood, prada, gucci- all sorts but nothing beats my gilly woo! one to watch that girl, I’m sure she’ll be making dresses for the oscars before long!

  4. Katy Says:

    I totally agree, I LOVE her, FAB designs, FAB person xxx

  5. faye Says:

    Gilly is a legend! So beautiful and sooooo talented, Bristol should be extremely proud to call her our own!

  6. John Says:

    I love Missy WOO, she is soooooooooooo damn sexy too! I wish!!!

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