DJ Profile - Jon Kennedy

The legend of Jon Kennedy started in Stockport where he is hailed as almost certainly one of their three most talented exports but he now finds himself in sunny Bristol. After releasing on some of the most influential UK electronic labels over the past 8 years, including Grand Central Records and Tru Thoughts, Jon has moved to a US label with a new album out this summer.

He continues to DJ all over Europe on a monthly basis and his global musical musings with his live band have reached as far as Russia, China and Singapore. Jon has amassed a huge fan base on the way and boasts an international following, partly because he’s so easy to find and responds to most people who contact him. He records under his real name, his website is also his name and his openness has encouraged people to make contact with the person behind the music - 3,756 stalkbook and 36,347 myspace friends (and counting) tells its own story.

It’s hard to pin down Jon’s style due to his varying tastes and diverse record collection but recently he’s been remixing the likes of the “Withnail and I” soundtrack, Bob Marley, Barclay James Harvest, Aim, Olive, Toob and Kid Loco.

Jon continues to stand firm and prolific in the industry and writes for various music and art magazines including the mighty Modart Magazine where he is the music editor.

To catch Jon in action this summer he’s playing regularly across Bristol in all the coolest spots including sets at Golden Lion, Tobacco Factory, Start The Bus and Timbuktu in August.

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11 Responses to “DJ Profile - Jon Kennedy”

  1. jon kennedy Says:

    touch sooner

  2. Matt Wedderkopp Says:

    Jon is also resident at 2Kilos of Funk…


  3. Theo Tag Says:

    The legend that is called Jon Kennedy is also greatly appreciated and supported by fans in Greece epsecially Thessaloniki and Athens and most of all supported by DEEPSOUL KOLLEKTIV!

    Always good to have Jon around and listen to his extrordinaire beats and pieces!

  4. DJ Roger C Says:

    The Sunday Joint presents
    Friday 26th September 2008
    23.59 - 03:00
    c/Ases 7
    Fossar de les Moreres
    08003 BARCELONA
    Free Entry

  5. CHK1NE71 Says:

    Go on Jon, nice to see the appreciation. Dig your sound.

  6. Lady J. Fingertips Says:

    Jon Kennedy has provided uncountable, pleasurable listening experiences! He is a down-to-earth guy who is very friendly to his fans. Jon Kennedy should tour in the U.S. :-)

  7. Ingrid Says:

    Cool, Jon is doing it!

  8. stelios deslis Says:


  9. John Says:

    Where can i get a copy of the magazine? Can I subscribe?? I really love it man, cool thing to be in esp for such a cool guy

  10. pickles Says:

    the boi is a legend

  11. stu w Says:

    Im a bristol boy and have seen jon a few times, lovely music from a lovely bloke, all the best jon, keep doing your thing.

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