Gig Review - Blood Red Shoes

Saturday 12th April 2008 @ Thekla

Down Bristol harbour the Old Profanity is rocking, literally! Thekla’s dank hull is so chock-a-block with punters that out on deck you can see this steel beast swaying violently in the water – everyman for himself!
We are all squeezed in, elbow-to-elbow for one darn good reason –the UK’s best punk/rock duet and one of music’s most exciting new bands are talking the stage; Blood Red Shoes! Two musicians, both far too pretty for their own good, are heartily greeted by the Thekla faithful and rip straight into It’s Getting Boring By The Sea, exactly the sort of clunky punk which has got everyone who’s heard them so worked up – I don’t know whether to mosh or crack-out the robot!

Blood Red Shoes consist of Steven Ansell’s frantic drumming and Laura-Mary Carter’s piercing guitar riffs and together, it doesn’t take long before the Bristolian crowd are in full skank mode. With the band’s debut album out in two days, it gives the gig an added excitable edge (as if it didn’t already need it!) and during last song – the stupefying excellent I Wish I Was Someone Better – there’s a mutiny down Old Profanity and the stage in invaded! Shipmates all clamber onstage to rock out with the band and it’s all reasonably well behaved until Big Jeff is dragged up and it all kicks off!
The gig comes to a suiting climax when Ansell jumps from his drumkit onto the masses onstage and crowd surfs whilst still on stage! Ace! Another memorable gig for the Thekla then.

Matt Whittle

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