Captain Bristol


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6 Responses to “Captain Bristol”

  1. Blutac Man Says:

    Captain Bristol is amazing i am his biggest fan

    Bo yah

  2. Faye Says:

    I love him too What a legend!!!! xxxx

  3. thedrunkenmastertwo Says:


  4. will Says:

    I find this all really snobby. ‘Chav’s’ are the most marginalised of the working classes. Its so frustrating that this contemporary myth of a ‘classless’ society leads otherwise liberal people to locate the problems of others within themselves rather than the conditions in which they must live and operate. If ‘Chav’s’ are ‘anti-social’, perhaps we should start pointing the finger at the anti-social conditions of our 21st post-industrial capitalist society, instead of pouring what is a staggaringly similar form and style of hatred which one can find on racist and anti-semitic websites if one cares enough to keep track of such blind and destructive hatred. Before you use the word ‘Chav’, think.

  5. Katy Says:

    Hi Will,

    When I think of Chav, I dont think council estate, I think is a certain type of dress/attitude - you can get chavs right across the class system. I really dont think it’s a class issue at all x

  6. Matt Says:

    I suppose it all depends on your interpretation of the word ‘chav’.

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